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VITO to speak at Re-City project conference

Dr. Koen De Ridder from the Belgian research centre VITO, one of the partners of Climate-Fit City, has been invited to speak on urban climate issues at the Re-City project event taking place on 15 November in Barcelona.

What is the Re-City project?

Re-City, coordinated by the 'Fundació Catalunya Europa', is an international platform for Social Sustainability that wants to face the great global challenges of today and bring proposals for change and real transformation. It is a project that is born to rethink, rethink and react from the cities to the main economic, social and environmental challenges that affect the planet.

The project aims to make Barcelona a benchmark in the debate and dialogue between the academic, scientific, social, citizen, business and political sectors to provide specific ideas and solutions.

What will the conference address ?

Based on results obtained with a new computer model developed by VITO, used to simulate current and future urban climate, and that accounts for microclimatic effects such as the urban heat island, the conference will address the expected evolution of heat stress in urban areas for a number of European cities. Within this, scenarios of the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) until the end of the 21st century will be considered.

The conference will also address the role of climate services that are currently being built within the European Copernicus programme, and for which VITO is currently simulating 100 European cities with the aim to generate local health indicators. Some examples of the use of urban climate information for a range of urban sectors, as produced within the Climate-Fit City project will also be showcased during the presentation. 

Finally, the conference will briefly discuss potential adaptation measures involving urban green infrastructure, considering city-wide impacts as well as impacts related to more localized measures, using appropriate indicators to do so.


Additional information about the Re-City project and about Dr. De Ridder's presentation can be found here.

When | From 15/11/2018 to 15/11/2018

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