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[Call for partnerships] Conference: Making Climate Services a reality in Europe


[Call for partnerships] Conference: Making Climate Services a reality in Europe

Call for partners

Are you a climate researcher? A climate policy expert?

On 13-14 November 2019, the team is hosting a two-day conference that will bring together 200+ climate researchers, policy-makers, industry experts, as well as city and regional actors to showcase how climate data can serve both cities and business.

What to expect?

An ice-breaking network event, presentations by climate services that mean business, policy pitches for a resilient Europe, data matchmaking with experts who can offer key insights …

Who are we looking for?

Organizations or projects working on climate services interested in:

  • Sharing their expertise and research results
  • Looking for business prospects
  • Providing policy insights at EU and national levels

Organizations or projects will be considered as co-organizers of the conference. They will be prominently visible on all materials produced and entirely part of the organization committee, both in terms of agenda-setting and promotion. A single fee will be asked from co-organizers to cover the costs linked to the organization of the conference.

Want to join in?

Please fill out this form by 10 June to let us know whether you would be interested in co-organizing the event. A conference call will then be organized with the interested parties.


Keeping our eyes peeled…

Mediating and anticipating the effects of a changing climate is impossible without data that allow us to properly chart and predict climate impacts. That is why this conference wants to showcase novel climate data sets and tools.


our feet dry…

The increasingly common floods that Europe faces can have devastating effects. At the same time, Europe is experiencing lengthy droughts. We want to connect those looking for hydrological policy advice and concrete approaches with those offering solutions.


and our heads cool.

Increasingly common heatwaves have wide-ranging effects. How should densely populated areas keep their inhabitants save? How do we make infrastructure heat-proof? And what with regions that depend on summer tourism? We want to provide a platform for leading responses to heat-related threats.


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