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Expanding Cities – Diminishing Space

Are “Smart Cities” the solution or part of the problem of continuous urbanisation around the globe?


The world’s total population is expected to hit the 10 billion point in the 2060s, more than 70 % living in urban areas.

Cities are not only growing in population, but are expanding in area.

Even with constant number of inhabitants there is a demand for more space. In many cities the demand of floor space per capita for housing is still growing, on the one hand due to higher living standards, on the other hand also as a result of changes in social structure resulting in high percentages of single person households. Also transport infrastructure, industrial zones, shopping centres, logistics centres, event and leisure facilities etc. consume additional space.

On the other hand more and more unprecedented (urban) technologies are available to monitor and manage cities.

REAL CORP 2018 is going to show the current state of the art as well as to present projects and approaches for the use of future technology. Of course there are a lot of open questions and fields of research. Find out here about the topics of REAL CORP 2018:


Climate-fit partners from IURS (Institute for Sustainable Development of Settlements; Ostrava Poruba, Czech Republic) will be presenting the Urban Planning sectoral service this Thursday 5 April at 4:30pm in Auditorium 3. Be there! 

When | From 04/04/2018 to 06/04/2018

Where | TU WIEN (Vienna University of Technology), Austria

Organized by | CORP

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    REAL CORP 2018
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